Johan Anderson från Strängnäs
Stålkofta (1646 -Swedish)
Staulcop (1656-Dutch)
Stalcop, Stallcop (1664- Eng)
Stallcup (1838-Am)
Stalcup (1890-Am)
Larry Spencer Stallcup

Group Lineages
Family History

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The Steelman/Stalcop House

Located in Elkton, Maryland this stone house was both residence and Trading Post to John Hans Steelman and his wife Maria Stalcop. She was the last born child in the family of Johan Anderson Stålkofta and Christina Carlsdotter. Begun by 1693 when the family of five appear on the 1693 Church census and was clearly completed by 1697 when the first Swedish Ministers arrived. News of the ministers’ arrival spread quickly and by the next day people were at the house from as far way as fifty miles. A large impromptu celebration party was held. The house is currently being restored and is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites.




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